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Something magical happens once you become conscious and competent behind the wheel of a car.  You may want to go racing to test your abilities against others.  Maybe you want to feel the rush of your first race start.  Envision this: Your surrounded by 40 cars, you've picked your gear, you see the green flag, you right foot hits the floor, and then you and your 40 new friends get to sort it all out in turn 1.  This experience is highly recommended and something that will not be forgotten.  VEM has been racing and teaching racing for many years.   So, when your ready to go from competent driver to racer.   VEM can accelerate the process by sharing our passion and knowledge with you.    We can assist you with the Red tape involved in licensing, classing your race car, preparation (driver and car), and setup.  All Advanced and Race students also benefit from the use of video and Data Acquisition by G2x.  The G2x allows VEM and our students the opportunity to capture data like lap times, G-loads, Apex speeds, and segment timing. This data is then analyzed.  Assisting our clients to optimize their performance and document improvements.

Thank you and Rob for putting on the NASA Race School. I had the best time I've had at any event and learned as much or more in those two days as I have in all of my previous events combined. It was a little stressful at times, but fun.....It's the best $500 I've ever spent.     Tom Leslie


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