High Performance Driving Instruction

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Frequently Asked Questions'


What are the costs of your services?

It varies from program to program.  Please Contact us for more information!   


What is the Teen Defensive Course?  

No clip boards. No Stress. Just Fun. 

A one-on-one session is best. That way we address the strengths and weakness of each student.  However, VEM is currently looking for sites

to host multiple students in the near future.  More students=more lives saved!

We begin with the basics. Rules of the road.

Then the parts of the vehicle.  Tires, Tire pressure, what is a transmission, brakes, maintance, etc... 

Discuss the principles of driving.  Contact patch, traction, weight transfer, accelerating, braking, cornering, etc...

Then we talk about the importance/benefits of a proper seating position.

Then we talk about smoothness of controls and pedals.

Then we talk about how your eyes play the most important role in your driving!  Where you look, the car will go.

Turning the driver ON!

Then we perform an on-road analysis.  Determine strengths and weaknesses behind wheel.

Then they become the "observer".  VEM implements the "watch it, do it, teach it" method. First they "feel" the principle from the passenger seat and then the drivers seat.  Just like any form of conditioning.  People continue to do things that "feel" right.

Then they perform a number of practical exercises.

First the New Driver is taught the concept: Radius is proportional to speed.   Find character and limit of vehicle. 

Braking exercises allow the New Driver to get a dynamic understanding of the braking system. In turn, giving them confidence in a panic stop situation. This exercise focuses on the "feelings" sent to the right foot.

Evasive/Lane change exercise allows the New Driver to feel the vehicle in a panic lane change (object avoidance) maneuver. This exercise allows the New Driver to "feel" the weight shift/body roll of the vehicle associated with sudden changes in steering angle.

Slalom exercise allows the New Driver to "feel" weight transfer.  Understanding the weight shift of the vehicle when shifted from side-to-side.

Cars with ABS: Braking and Turning exercise. This allows the New Driver to "feel" both Threshold braking and turning. Another confidence building exercise to make them (and parents) more comfortable when their on today's roads.    

Then we explain concepts like. Understeer (front tires loose traction), Oversteer (rear tires loose traction), Hydroplaning (Steering loss due to sheet of water between your tires and road), etc...and how to avoid and correct measures during these  situations.

Then we talk about hazards, stressful situations, driving at night, and what to do in the event of a eminent crash.

Then, the D TALK!  We all know someone whose life has changed due to an auto crash. The D Talk is to explain how lives are changed everyday because someone was not focused behind the wheel of a vehicle. VEM wants to impart a sense on responsibility to drivers while behind the wheel.  Driving IS a privilege and should be treated as such. More importantly, driving can actually be fun and Safe!

And Lastly,  VEM speaks with the Parents.  Your the example for the New Driver. So, Educating, providing literature, and assist them in better driving habits will be a benefit to all.


What's a day like at a Driving School?

I'm going to let a past student tell you thru his experience. I found this information on a Cadillac CTSV Forum.

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NASA Track day at Moroso.(review).

The review is 5 stars. Join NASA. Learn to drive your car for real. Its SO good that I didn't even want to tell you guys. BUT....this forum has been so good providing me with information I must give back. Join this club. I think they are all over the country. National Auto Sports Association(510-232-NASA) was cheap for an annual membership (like $40). The high performance driving event was less than $300.00 for the day. It included a quick classroom session. Then I was provided with an instructor. My instructor was Rob Van Epps. I have to hype the man. I could not have received a better instructor. He knew what to say and do to correct my mistakes while keeping me relaxed. He was awesome. I had three driving sessions and a parade lap session. The first session my instructor drove a few laps than handed over to me. Then the noon parade laps. They put a real driver up front and he sets the pace. No helmets. The guy keeps a nice line and you could really learn a thing or two from following..........12:50 was session two. I drove the whole time and it was sick. I took two wheels off coming around the back straight but recovered easily. Session three at 2:40. Each session is many laps. Like 30 minutes of driving. My brakes were getting a little mushy by the end of the day. I know what my first mod will now be. Better fluid, pads, and rotors. The brakes did impress my instructor though.
This was my first time. I am hooked. I will be at all events from now on. Great people. Everyone was friendly. What you get for the money is unreal. You can finally come screaming out of the corner with no worries of darting children, old ladies with grocery bags,
cars pulling out, pigs in the road, or cops. They have flag people at the corners. Tow truck if you need it. Put it this way... my instructor should have been $350.00. He provided me with personal debriefings after each run. He was there all day to talk to. Plus, he was a cool person.......I was making a little over 120 on the same straight. SICK!!!
Well the secret is out. Here on the internet for all to see. Go get it. Its the real deal.

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Driving should be safe, fun,  and tension free.


  Let us introduce you to the Zen of driving!  Being in the zone.  More importantly, Being in your own world!