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Do you want to feel like a racecar driver? Feel the Adrenaline from the very fast  Turn 1 at World famous Sebring Raceway. 


Like my friend Randy Mueller is about to do here. 



There’s now a place to ‘legally’ bring your Ferrari, BMW, Porsche, or Family sedan to see how it feels on a racetrack.  Many organizations

 rent various Racetracks and hold driving events.  We call them Track days or DE’s (Driver Education).  These events allow any road

worthy vehicle, valid drivers license, helmet (we can provide), and the desire to push their personal and vehicles limits. This is a stress-free environment.  When you stay relaxed, learning and fun seem to fall into place.  VEM will provide you with the foundation to take

driving to the next level, then instructor, then racer, and so on.  


All Advanced and Race students also benefit from the use of video and Data Acquisition by G2x.  The G2x allows VEM and our students the opportunity to capture data like lap times, G-loads, Apex speeds, and segment timing. This data is then analyzed.  Assisting our clients to optimize their performance and document improvements.

Let VEM provide you with an experience of a lifetime.      Please Contact us today for details!


I wanted to thank you for the coaching session at Sebring. I could not believe you brought down my time five seconds after one ride..........Fantastic! Your Knowledge and experience is greatly appreciated.     Dr. Emmanuel Platis


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